Two Interpretations

Wanted: Two Interpretations

Key: R20131215-152841-bw

There are two obvious ways to interpret this sign, each of which has a very different meaning.

Question to YOU, Dear Reader:

Which one do you prefer: B&W or color. WHY?

Wanted: Two Interpretations (Color)Pana-Leica 45mm f2.8 @ f2.8


6 thoughts on “Two Interpretations

  1. Overall I liked the black & white one as the sign is much more attention grabbing due to higher contrast. The sign is merely part of the scene in the color version.

    If I were want to feel nostalgic, I would pick the color version as moss on the pole, along with out of focus yet more distinct small palm tree in lower right, would remind me of tropical environment of Hawaii, thus, of Hilo.

    • Correction: “I would liked the photo (any version) even more” should have been “I would have liked the photo (any version) even more”.

  2. Hmm – more often than not I prefer b&w, but in this case for me the b&w is about the sign, whereas the color version is more a complete picture – also thanks to that wonderful red/green contrast.

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