Before and After



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After After


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I’m beginning to feel a little better about posting photographs. Maybe I just needed a break. Maybe I just needed to pay less attention to the herd. This post by Daniel Milnor resonated with me. I’ve just gotten rid of my cell phone number. Not quite ready to delete my FB account yet, but these days I only check it once a day just before bed. It’s time to remove any unnecessary distractions.


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. wise words…..
    and you can even deal with the frustrations of technology-gone-awry….it is worse when your brain doesn’t talk like a computer/router/whatever……!!

    I Love Tyler’s longer, wavy locks….but as Great Grandmother A. would say….it takes more than a hairdo to ruin a pretty face!

  2. Hi Eric, I commented on your website, but also wanted to mention the fact that Tyler is such a mugger (like his mother) and thank you for any pictures you post. It is such a treat for me (and their fan club) to see new pictures of the grandkids.

    I see the wisdom of your years peeking through…..prioritizing your time and efforts. So much time is spent by this young techie-generation just constantly looking at screens. Sad. Looking through the lens of a camera and seeing beauty and diversity is not the same, though. Love you, sally


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