A Walk Along Hilo Bay

by Eric Jeschke

Imagine yourself on a typical Saturday in July, walking along the bay in a small town, on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean. People are out on the water in all manner of craft: surfboards, kayaks, outrigger canoes. Others are fishing, diving, swimming, walking. A busy food and craft market is bustling with vendors, buyers and tourists. The sun is shining and a moderate trade wind is blowing, making you warm, but not too hot. Puffy clouds dot azure skies. Lush, tropical foliage and verdant green fields greet your gaze inland, fronting warm, blue ocean. A black sand beach stretches in a graceful curve around the bay. Children catch minnows with nets in a Japanese style garden, with pools and footbridges.

Getting an urge to do something active? Feel like stretching your legs? Take a walk along scenic Hilo Bay on the Big Island of Hawai’i. But don’t be in a hurry; you’re on Hawaiian time now…

Come take virtual walk with me in my latest photography book A Walk Along Hilo Bay!

You can download the web version PDF (9.7 MB) or from SoFoBoMo.org.

Want the real book? Makes a great coffee table book! Click the link below to check it out on Blurb.com.

Update: If you are interested, you can read a post about how the book was made.

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