Chickens, Anyone?

“Peek in on one family’s adventure in raising backyard chickens. Eric Jeschke takes you behind the scenes to see how the plan all came together for this Hawaii ohana.”

So goes the text on the back of my second photo book effort, Chickens, Anyone? It was a lot of fun in the making, and perhaps a bit hurried (well, definitely hurried) as far as the photography is concerned–a collection of snapshots documenting our family’s initial efforts at raising chickens in Hawaii, and a good excuse to participate in Solo Photo Book Month 2009.

Click here to download a PDF version (8.7 MB, medium quality JPEG).

More books by Eric Jeschke can be found here.

Solo Photo Book Month ( is a DIY project to make a photo book in one month. All of the photos must be taken and the book laid out and processed into a PDF in 31 days. This is my second year participating in the event, along with many other photographers all over the world.  For more information on SoFoBoMo, and to see many other interesting finished books, visit the link above.

Last year I did square format B&W, so I was determined to do color and some sort of rectangular format this year. I chose to go all landscape, even though it meant passing on some good verticals I had taken. Also, last year was more of a series of portraits, and this year I was determined to have the book tell more of a story. I struggled to find something that would fit my tight schedule this year when the “chicken project”, which I’d had on the back burner, hit me as a good fit to dovetail with SoFoBoMo.

If you have a comment to share, thoughts on the book, life with chickens, technical info, questions, whatever…just leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


p.s. if you are interested in how this book was made, please see this.

Pssst! Want the real book?

(version 3)
By Eric Jeschke


8 thoughts on “Chickens, Anyone?

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  2. Eric, I love your book, and your chickens, and I also recognize the little girl Sienna, who has been in gymnastics classes with my daughter.

    I loved reading about your chickens! I am wondering, though, why you were considering clipping their wings. Ours only fly minimally, to, say, get across the flume or up on the roost.

    Anyway — great project and it was very fun to read your book. I loved the dedication page a lot. (Sorry to hear about your cat.) Thanks for being in touch with me. We will have to be novice chicken owner friends!

    • Hi Leslie,

      I clipped their wings because they were flying into the neighbor’s yard and she didn’t appreciate all their “help”. I only had to clip a few of the flight feathers on one side and that was enough to keep them from going over the fences. It’s not visible at all in their normal appearance (the flight feathers are usually folded underneath) and it didn’t seem to bother them at all during the clipping or afterwards. I’d rather not to have had to do it, but in the end it was no big deal and keeps the relations good with the neighbor (I also gave her some eggs!)

      I’ve become a big backyard chicken fan so we’ll have to talk story next time we meet up.

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  4. Hi Eric,

    Haven’t seen you in a long time. I also have chickens; and a cow. I cut my chickens flight feathers on one side once but haven’t since. They stay in their pen now. I feed them sprouted grain and they are doing well.

    We have been to Vietnam four times since we have seen you. We have quite a few pictures we took there and in Cambodia. Would love to go back.

    I am retired now and am getting into programming a couple programs for electricians. It’s a lot more fun without the pressure of school or a job.

    Bruce Meier

    • Hey Bruce,
      Good to hear from you! I’d love to hear about the interesting trips to southeast asia. Good to hear you have chickens too.
      My dog keeps eating my chickens. She just ate the second one. We keep them separated by a fence, but sometimes she gets one anyway. Really tweaking me–I mean, I’M the one gonna eat that chicken when the time comes, right!?

  5. Eric,

    We are having a party tomorrow at our house for our grandsons second birthday. You are invited if you want. Do you remember how to get here? If not email and I will give you directions.
    You can see some of the pics we took.

    Party Sat. 1-15-2011 afternoon and evening.

    Hope you can make it.


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