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I really like the idea of a print swap between photographers.  Kjell Harald described it best:

If you are a photographer and like my work, I would love to swap prints with you. Please send me a mail telling me what you want. In return I would like to pick some of your work.

Since I will send you prints of high quality, I would appreciate to get something similar in return. By high quality I mean prints on a decent photo paper by fairly archival ink, preferably pigment. Epson enhanced matte, luster or something similar will do perfectly fine, office printer paper won’t. Anything from a darkroom is also fine. I would suggest keeping the size to A4/letter to keep postage and handling at a decent level, but I am open for suggestions.

My photos are printed on a HP 9180 printer with archival pigment inks.  Both color and B&W look great from this printer.  On the HP glossy paper, Wilhelm research rated the print life at 200 years.  I don’t guarantee that your heirs will get that out of it (or that it will actually be worth any money!), but if you put it under glass I’m confident it will enjoy a long life.

Like Kjell, I would prefer pigment inks from you, or a good darkroom print, if you are into that.  I’m not picky about paper; if it’s pigment ink it should last a long time.  Pick a nice paper that you feel enhances the image that I choose.  Let’s keep it to one image to start–if we like each other’s prints maybe we can exchange another.  I’ll send a signed print, so please sign the print you send me.

If you find an image that you like by browsing my Flickr sets, or photos on this blog, you can add a comment to this page, or email me.  Be sure to include the photo key that you see somewhere near the photo description.  It looks something like “Key: RYYYYMMDD-HHMMSS”.  Oh, and tell me where I can browse your photos.


–Eric Jeschke

ps. Oh, and if you like my work and you don’t want to swap prints, or you’re not an artist of some sort, maybe you’d prefer to buy a print instead.

2 thoughts on “Print Swap

  1. Hi Eric,
    I just found out that you had quoted me when I followed a link from Robert Hoehne ( I would say this implies that we should set up an exchange as soon as possible. Right now I have just had two swaps in two days, so I guess three would be a lucky number.


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